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Branding Iron Award

The Prestigious Branding Iron Award, first established in 1976, serves as a timeless symbol of exceptional leadership and unwavering dedication to the community of Brawley. Reserved for individuals who exemplify outstanding leadership qualities and a deep commitment to the betterment of the city, this award celebrates those who go above and beyond in their service to the community. Nominees for this honor must be active Brawley Chamber members in good standing, embodying the values of integrity, innovation, and community spirit. Presented annually at The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Brawley Annual Dinner, the Branding Iron Award recognizes and applauds the extraordinary contributions of its recipients in shaping a brighter future for Brawley and its residents.

2024 Branding Iron Award Gala Invite
2024 Branding Iron Award Gala Invite (1)

The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Brawley

Branding Iron Recipients

2023- Ron Rubin

2022- Coni S. Stokely

2021- Dr. George Fareed

2020- No Branding Iron Award Receipient

2019- Paul & Debbie Cameron / Joel Gonzalez

2018- Erasmo Gonzalez

2017- John Elmore

2016- Liz M. Gonzales

2015- Joanne & Jeff Moore

2014- Greg Smith

2013- Clyde Shields

2012- Bob Shank

2012- Don Shank

2011- Valerie Smith

2010-William Brandt

2009- Francis Frye

2008- Eugene Bumbera

2007- Ethel Lange

2006- Jack & Eunice Fleming



2005- Mary Miller

2004- Leon Lesicka

2003- Carolyn Benson

2002- Carl Russell

2001- Patricia Saracco

2000- Eugene Dahm

1999- Neal Jack

1998- Otis Wood Jr.

1997- Robert Noriega

1996- William Byrd

1995- Leon "Andy" Andersen

1994- Norman Lassey

1993- Wayne Zills

1993- Albert H. Smith

1992- Dan Smith

1991- Pete Schoonover

1991- Ed Rutherford


1990- Victor Calderon

1989- Jim House

1988- Louise Willey

1987- Nick Pricola Sr.

1986- Sherman Smith

1985- Grace Hull

1985- Bill Gates

1984- E.E. Adams

1983- Abe Seabolt

1982- Clair Mitchell

1981- G. Randy Heath

1980- Phyllis Dillard

1979- Marvin Lewis

1978- Stephen Elmore

1977- Tunney Williams

1977- Pat Williams

1976- Earl Harriss

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