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How to Start a Business

Starting a Business in Brawley

When you start your own business in the City of Brawley, there are several steps to follow to insure success.  The steps below are designed to help you navigate the start of your new business.

Step #1 Zoning

Contact the City of Brawley Planning Department for proper zoning and procedures.  If necessary, a no cost pre-application meeting can be scheduled with the Development Review Committee (DRC) to outline the steps required initiate your project.  This is a great pathway for obtaining feedback from City departments.

City of Brawley 
400 W. Main St. Suite #2
Brawley, CA 92227
(760) 344-8622

Step #2 Fictitious Name
Step #3 Seller's Permit
Step #4 Business License
Step #5 Join the Brawley Chamber of Commerce
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