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Chamber Staff


Ramiro Urias_5541

Ramiro Urias,
Chief Executive Officer

(760) 344-3160
Initially working with non-profit organizations in Imperial County for a several years, Ramiro finally found a home with The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Brawley in 2019. In early 2021, Ramiro was named Chief Executive Office and help guide the Brawley Chamber through a complete re-brand. As a Imperial Valley native and coming from a family of various small business owners, Ramiro understands the importance and vital contribution of small businesses to our local economy. Ramiro is an appointed member of the IID's Energy Consumers Advisory Committee and an appointed member of the City of El Centro Planning Commission. Ramiro is currently attending Western Governors University and successfully completed W.A.C.E. Chamber Academy, a three year training program for training management, in 2024.
K. Montano_0782

Karen D. Montano,
Marketing & Communications Director

(760) 344-3160
Karen Montano is a highly accomplished Marketing and Communications Director with a strong educational background and a track record of success. She earned her Bachelor's degree from UABC in 2016, equipping her with a solid foundation in marketing and communications principles. In 2021, Karen joined the Brawley Chamber team, where she quickly established herself as a valuable addition. Her skills and expertise have made a significant impact on the organization's marketing efforts, driving growth and brand recognition. Additionally, Karen's commitment to professional development led her to attend the prestigious W.A.C.E. Chamber Academy in 2021, further refining her skills and expanding her knowledge in the field. With her background and dedication to her role, Karen continues to excel as a Marketing and Communications Director, contributing to the success of the Brawley Chamber.
yajahira 2

Yajahira Lopez,
Member Service Coordinator

(760) 344-3160

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